Subpanels don't show data if I don't refresh the page

Hello Sugar community.
I have a problem with the subpanels.
When I load a record from Quick Create view, after saving the record, the grid in the subpanel does not update. I have to update it manually.
I can’t find an error in the logs so I don’t know what may be happening.
Did anyone have the same problem ?

PHP: 5.6.36
Windows Server 2012 R2
Version 7.10.5
Sugar version: 6.5.25

Hi @Maik_2018,

Welcome to the SuiteCRM Community!!!

When did the problem started?
Does it fails on all modules or in some specifically?
Did you modified your code?

BTW your version is old. Check the list of releases here:

Hola @AlxGr.
Thanks for answering.
Answering your questions:

When did the problem start?
I don’t have a clear date, since there was another person before me :disappointed:

Does it fail in all modules or in some specifically?
What I am noticing is that it is failing on all modules.

Did you modify your code?
For the moment, do not make any modifications to the Tool’s code.

Aggregates are frontend controls that use Javascript for forms. And in some cases we made use of Trigger in BD, but the latter cannot be the cause of the problem because, when creating a zero module with its relations, the sub-panels have the same problem.

Do you think it could be a version problem?

Check if you have Ajax turned off (Admin / system settings / Configure AJAX User Interface)

and check any errors in your browser’s developer console when it fails to refresh.

Other things to try:

  • a different browser
  • the live demo, does it also happen there?

Hola @pgr.
I’m going to check the settings. I hope that could be that …
In any case, I will let you know if I find any information about it.

Hello @pgr.
I check the browser, it doesn’t work in Chrome but it works in Firefox.
How can I get it to work properly in Chome, where should I check?

First you can try with a “clean” version of Chrome, to see if the problem is from an add-on. Search online for how to start Chrome without add-ons.

Then if it still persists you can check the browser’s Developer console for any Javascript fatal errors that occur at that moment, and that don’t occur in Firefox. With those error messages, try Googling again for more information.