how to separate Edit button and Remove Button subpanel ? Thanks.

Which version of SuiteCRM are you using?

Do you mean to separate, in subpanels, the two options that are inside the dropdown (edit and remove), so that they become two buttons, side by side? Is that it?

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yes yes. how ?

version 7. something

“7 something” is not a good enough answer, there are almost a hundred “7 something” versions of SuiteCRM… :slight_smile:

Are you a PHP developer? This function does not exist in SuiteCRM out-of-the-box, although it should be possible to achieve editing some code.

Yes im Newbie PHP Developer? Where can i edit it ?

I found this

maybe it’s as simple as setting that parameter in config_override.php, but I didn’t try it.

$sugar_config['enable_action_menu']= false;

Tell me how it goes.

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i try later. thanks a lot dude.

dude. where can i find the config.verride.php? thanks

dude i want Separate
edit button and remove button.
Not Create and Select :frowning: Thanks

Check this Thanks

Version 7.10.4

Sorry I don’t know how to change that menu, you’ll have to scan the code looking for where the list is generated (HTML elements UL and LI)

Okay , thanks dude :slight_smile: