Subpanel not displayed

Hi all,

After a full partition issue on our server, we cleaned the php_errors.log file and restarted the services mysqld and httpd. The server is now up again but something weird is happening:

Since the restart, nevermind on which module you go, when you open the detail page of an object, you cannot see any of the subpanels that should be displayed.

I checked about the relashionship, about the subpanel displayed settings and about many details on the studio but I cannot find the cause of this issue. This is really annoying for our colleagues. Did some of you already faced to that kind of issue ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best Regards,


Check that your file ownerships / permissions are correct, and check your logs for clues.

Hi pgr. Thank you for your message.

My issue was finally solved by a database repair from the CLI.

Maybe the fulldisk disturbed it. At least it is fixed now but thanks a lot for your time.

Best Regards,