Subpanel displaying no data

Version 7.1.4
Sugar Version 6.5.18 (Build 1110)

I have 2 custom modules with a one to many relationship. One module is called Parents and the other is called Junior Members. In the Junior members module I have a related to field to parents. In the subpanel of Junior Members it displays the Parents module but says no data. If I create a Parent from the subpanel it will display the Parent created from within the subpanel but will not display any Parents created from within the Parents module directly.

Did you by any chance add an additional related to field, as this is not required and will not link to any relationships,

If required for the relationship one will be auto generated and this will link to the relationship and show in any relevant sub-panel

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I’m not entirely sure what you’re trying to accomplish… here’s what I would’ve expected…

If the relationship is that a junior member can have one parent… then the 1:many relationship should’ve created a relate-to field in detail view that allows one parent to be specified. There would be no subpanel in junior members at all, rather, that subpanel would be under the parents module with all of the junior members that belong to that parent supplies.

Regardless, what you described is a bit unclear. If in fact the parents subfolder is under junior members (i.e. you want multiple parents per one junior member), then it will be "blank’ by default. You can create a parent under the junior member, or you can “select” using the down arrow, a parent that you want to relate to that junior member… or you can open the parent and specify the junior member you want to relate it to. But the subpanel won’t have any records listed until you make the relationship (either through a create or a select operation).

Does that make sense,