Subpanel display

Hey !

Just wanted to know if it’s possible to customize subpanel display in the module.

I have a module A with X tabs and a module B with one tab. I’d like to put the B module tab after an A module tab (for example after the second tab ).

If yes how can i do that ?

I believe this thread is related:



It doesn"t work for me but hanks :slight_smile:

Can you do image as an example?

Hey !

I’d like to TUTUT after TATA

I’m sure @BrozTechnologies wrote the correct recommendation. Maybe your problem lies elsewhere.

Even if tutut is not the same module as TATA, TITI, TOTO ?

I changed the order value in custom folder and it’s still at the same position

May be you didn’t do “Quick Repair and Rebuild”?

Yes I did it :stuck_out_tongue:

Something weird when I Print the array Layout def before loading it’s empty…

Show your file custom/modules/<desired_module>/metadata/subpaneldefs.php
and path to it.

<?php $layout_defs["tata_toto"]["subpanel_setup"]['tata_toto_tut_tutu']['order'] = 0; I created the file with that line

and path to it.


The file is readed but the order not working with an empty layout_defs before setting order option

You have parent module tata_toto and children modules with labels: TATA, TITI, TUTUT, TOTO. Which does label have module name: “tata_toto_tut_tutu”?

the panels tata, titi, toto are in tata_toto, the panel tutut is in the tut_tutu module. I’d like to put the panel tutu after tata that is in the module tata_toto and i’m not sure that is possible…

tata_toto has a relation with tut_tutu to print this module in tata_toto.

we can rename module_a & module_b if it’s easier

I see problem with naming of modules. You write about different names: tut_tutu, tata_toto and module_a, module_b.
The image is an example. The panels of example is in the file custom/modules/Accounts/metadata/subpaneldefs.php .

Ok what I’m trying to do. Is to put document After more information parent module

Silence = not possible ?

Possible but I wrote:

I don’t have enough information about naming your modules. Look at image and write namings.

So, If I want to change documents i have to write

$layout_defs[“documents”][“subpanel_setup”][‘default’][‘order’] = 0; based in your image ?