Subpanel Button top (that ONLY list other button)


i want to add a button to the subpanel Activities; a top button.

I want that when i user will click the button --> the only action will be that the other top button will be show (no any other action).

How can i do that ?

I already create this /custom/Extension/modules/Leads/Ext/Layoutdefs/subpaneldefs.php to change the order of the button, but now i do not know what i need to do.

Thanks to anyone will answer.

Ps. i hope that I explained in an understandable way my issue.

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Here are some useful posts:



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Thanks for links, but i am not enable to create a button that only show the other button.

Can anyone explain me what i need to do ?

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You can add Custom JS to your main module under which activities panel is displayed, that js will hide existing buttons and Append your custom button. on click , handle the request and display the hidden buttons.
you can search for how to add custom js to detailviewdefs.php and then move from there.