Subject Line Missing from Inbound Emails

Where is the issue and PR for this on Github?

Hello all,

Is there any way to tag all Suitecrm developer, responsible maintainers and fix all these known issues?

@rsp you create Issues in the GitHub repos, one for v7, one for v8

I found the exact same issue

This helped, thank you very much

After testing I found another issue relevant, when the subjects are in other encoding like “GBK”, so I modified the code a little bit, as below:

public function handleMimeHeaderDecode($subject)
        $subjectDecoded = $this->getImap()->MimeHeaderDecode($subject);
		$ret = '';
			// regex to extract all the MIME parts (Like GBK)
			preg_match_all("/=\?[^?]+\?[B|Q]\?[^?]+\?=/", $subjectDecoded, $matches);
			if (!empty($matches[0])) {
				$allEncodedParts = array_merge(...$matches);
				foreach ($allEncodedParts as $part) {
				//decode the GBK MIME
					$ret.= mb_decode_mimeheader($part);
				return $ret;
			} else {
				return $subjectDecoded;
        foreach ($subjectDecoded as $object) {
            if ($object->charset != 'default') {
                $ret .= $this->handleCharsetTranslation($object->text, $object->charset);
            } else {
                $ret .= $object->text;

        return $ret;

I uploaded a fix for this to v7, hopefully it’ll get added to both v7 and v8 ASAP.

To test this fix on your own server:

  1. Go to your server’s Linux command line terminal.
  2. Go to base directory of your Suite 7 install, example: cd /home/suite7/public_html
  3. apt update -qqq && apt -y install wget git
  4. wget
  5. git apply 10323.diff
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i would like to share my experience with this issue.

my environment is docker

when i use bitnami/php-fpm:8.0 ~ 8.2, i have this issue. when i changed to bitnami/php-fpm:7.4.33, issue Disappeared