Dear All,

I have created a custom module with module builder. It is a simple thing, I want to collect all the machines we sell to our customers. There is a text field, a dropdown menu and finally the accounts.
What I need is that after creating the new item in this module, I want to see the list automatically of the machines related to the account on the sub-panel in the accounts page. But I have to go to the sub-panel and seletc manually the related machines. Is that possible to do this automatically.
Like when I create a new opportunity and select the account, I will see this opportunity in the sub-panel of Opportunities at the account.
I am not doing any php programming, simply working with module builder and studio, but I am sure, it is possible to do this somehow.
Thanks for sharing opinions.


First of all, I would strongly advise to use the existing modules - in this case Products and Quotes, Invoices, the ones you need. This will give you a ton of functionality that is already there, instead of having to worry about things like getting subpanels to work…

But, in order to get your subpanel to work, I ask: when editing the new product, how do you set up the relationship to the Account? There must be a way to specify which account you intend. What are you using?

Thank you for your proposal.
You are right, I do not need to have a custom modul, products looks good for me after some field customization.
Attached please see my comments.

Looking forward to receive your advice.

The relationship between Accounts and Products normally goes through an intermediate module, like Invoices or Opportunities.

But your issue with relations is this, I believe:

  • if you add a relate field, don’t create a relationship
  • if you add a relationship, don’t create a relate field

… they are different things.

After creating the relate field, you need to add it to the Detail and Edit views.

I have created both the field and added it to the detail and edit views.
See attachment.

Ok, and what happens? Are you having trouble using that field in the Edit View? Can’t you select an Account from there?

To add screenshots here, see this

I heard some people have trouble adding forum attachments from Chrome.

There is also where you can paste images and then add a link here.

I can see (because I am a Forums admin) you made a post, and then deleted it, and then made the PDF version of the same post. But your post looks fine to me, why did you delete it? Weren’t the images appearing correctly when you saw it?

About your issue; I can’t test right now, but my idea is that you just create the relate field, and don’t add any relationships. Delete the ones you have created, then Admin / Rebuild relationships. This should leave you with a working link between the two modules.

The post was ok, except that I linked 4-5 different pictures, but instead all images was the one I linked for last.
Are all pictures different where you see this?

Regarding the sub-panel issue, still not working. I removed the relations, but now I do not even have the Product sub-panel in the accounts.

You’re right, the post has the same image repeated. You should be able to use the “add file” to create additional lines for more uploads.

I believe the relate field doesn’t set up the subpanel for you, you have to do it through code:

Or you can go the route of creating the relationship, it will create the subpanel, but in that case don’t use any relate field, just add the link from the subpanel.