Studio needs some serious attention

I’m trying to customize my account fields and layouts and the Studio is quite buggy and basically is making me want to give up on this product.

First of all, it would be great if we could just delete the default fields, as many of them are nothing I’ll ever use.

Second of all, when creating account layouts, the drag and drop function simply doesn’t work in a consistent way, especially if things are off of the screen at the bottom (which, by default, they are).

I drag and drop into blank fields and nothing happens, quite frustrating.

If it helps, I’m using Chrome.

This is standard functionality brought over with the fork of sugarcrm we haven’t really touched it and tbh it works fine, yes it can be a bit annoying at times but it works. Also its not really feasible to just delete standard fields this would have implications for the database etc…hiding them is sufficient for most people.

I’ve also struggled a bit with studio when I got started but after a while you learn to deal with it, so don’t give up!

I’d rather have you guys pay some attention to expanding the reach of studio a bit, since there are some things that can’t be edited. History sub-panel, I’m looking at you!


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Well, I did not give up. I resorted to shrinking my screen to a barely readable size and then dragging and dropping fields into place. It worked but man it is pretty clunky. I did not know that this was some functionality that came over from another system, that makes sense.
I did learn to hide the fields as well as you mentioned. Thanks for the replies.