Studio - My app, no longer present on module builder

Hi suitecrmers,

I recently added new forms through module builder. I don’t remember the cause, but actually my app is no longer present in module builder. I can still manage through studio, but is disappeared from builder.

I actually need to add another feature, and I wish I could continue using the module builder. How can I restore my custom module as it was before?

Thank you for yuor reply.


Do you know if anything has happened to the CRM or Environment between Now and when you were able to see your module in Module Builder?

(ie: CRM Reset / CRM Upgraded / Environment Change)

I assume you can also still access module builder, but you only see the “New Package” option?

I’m not sure why it would vanish, but perhaps something external has affected it?

I do not remember exactly what happened before the package disappeared, but I cannot exclude is something I did. (I was working to create a parallel environment, when this happened)

I confirm I can see “New package” when opening module builder, and the package is still present in the related suitecrm directory

only as Idea: have you checked how it looks like in the Module Loader?
A custom Module raised with Module Builder and than deployed will show up in Module Loader as installed Module. Even more an Module modified with Studio than downloaded and re-installed will show up in Module Loader as well.
Furthermore might to check the Files of your custom module in the File Folder.