studio fields table brakes on screens smaller than 1024px

Hi All,

I noticed that studio has problems on medium and small screens,

for those that want the table to take up the full width you can add in the following css
note this has only been tested on the SuiteP theme

#field_table {
    width: auto!important;

table td[class*="col-"], table th[class*="col-"] {
    display: table-cell!important;
    clear: none!important;
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Are there any disadvantages of this on other sizes? Should it be added to the core code for future versions?

Hi pgr I wouldn’t say it is a perfect fix for the problem I was trying to solve but it does help illustrate an issue I had yesterday when I was comparing and coping information across two browser tabs side by side.

In the studio view, you have the two collapsible sidebars, but when these sidebars are collapsed to increase the available room for the table in the middle…
the default behavior is to only show the name column,
whereas the css I shared yesterday will stretch the table out show the fields display labels and types too.

I wouldn’t recommend putting this code directly into core just yet for a few reasons

  • there’s a weird styling issue with what I think has to do with the resize handles on the table
  • it doesn’t stay full width when over 1024px (but you can use the resize handles to change column widths)
  • I haven’t checked if this effects other tables negatively elsewhere in the crm
  • there is a script that is running that seems to control some styling on this table that this change makes obsolete. ideally the script should be cleaned up as well to mitigate wasted effort for the browser
  • there is a whole new UI on the horizon for SuiteCRM
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