Studio Field Information display Changed to this

Ive managed to re-install suitecrm onto various linuxs, all of which I have run into similar issues. This screen shot shows one. At odd times it will revert to its proper formatting, but I cant see a pattern.

This is Suitecrm 8.2.2, installed on Linux Mint 21.1 Cinnamon. The php version is 7.4.33
I get the same same behavior on Debian 11 and Ubuntu when I set php to 7.4.

(Note to pgr. I would stick with Ubuntu, but I cannot get a stable install on this machine and the latest Ubuntu does not allow me to get andrej’s repository for 7.4

I changed line 265 in core/backend/Data/LegacyHandler/BaseListDataHandler.php to include a // before the’ continue’ as follows.
if ($type === ‘relate’ && !$this->isValidRelate($fieldDefinition)) {
Without the “//” suitecrm doesn’t list relate fields.
If I comment out line 264 suitecrm crashes.
With the added “//” the relate fields are listed properly. Why I have no idea.

I really doubt this is a good ‘fix’ but its curious it sort of works.

This suitecrm installation suffers from periodic crashes at random times and places.

So Im kind of annoyed with Suitecrm now. I had it running just fine for years, and now even after months of effort, I cannot get it up and running.

Perhaps with support for php 8.1 ?

So as it often happens, the solution to the wierd display above of Fields became evident when I widened the display…

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