Studio does not react


I have installed SuiteCRM and afterwards I decided I wanted to customize more than it is possible just by studio. So I made the directory git and started to customize the search like explained in
(In the end I want to filter by target list, but I guessed it would be a good start to just follow the instructions and see whether it works)
Unfortunately I cannot do the “And then go to studio and add account_type_search” because studio is just not reacting!
I click on “Contacts” and nothing happens.

As backup I have still the version where I changed nothing and did not init a git repo and there I can navigate everywhere…

I do not understand this, might someone help me?

Best regards,

Can it be that I cannot use git here? I have done a new directory and initiated git again and copied the files. I cannot even change the settings, it just does not get saved…

I would really appreciate help… Best regards,

It seems to be a permission problem, I will open a new, fitting topic.