Studio does not activate, nothing accepts clicks

I am running a local WAMP server on and the application running well inside. However the one issue I run into is using studio. Anytime I go in to modify something I can get to the page where it shows the options “Fields, Modules,etc.” however clicking on them does nothing.

I looked at the rewritebase, checked and did repairs. Nothing.

Any help?

Make sure your web user has access to the files?

Check this link. It might help you to solve your issue:

In SuiteCRM, For some versions, Studio → fields is not working because the field name is not set for it.

To Fix this issue, Open the below path file.

/modules/ModuleBuilder/views/view.modulefields.php (Approx. Line number : 94)

Add the isset condition in display function of the above file path of your CRM as suggested in the below screenshot,

Do you have anything in your browser console when you click on that link? try by turn off display_errors if it is not in your php.ini