Struggling with automatically creating a portal account and Email generation behaviour (not a coder) (grassroots voluntary project)

Hi, I’m trying to achieve the following:


To create a repairs management system to assist tenants with a Landlord who does not take repairs seriously. As our Landlord is a social Landlord with housing owned by the Council, tenants, in theory have the ability to escalate ignored repairs to the Council (local government) and subsequently through to the Local Government Ombudsman.

Tenants on our housing estate (of which there are 310) have a vast range of complex needs, these include mental and physical health problems, drug and alcohol addiction and a lack of education through historic criminality as well as sheer poverty and most have experience of having been previously street homeless. All of these lend themselves to a Landlord ignoring them whilst they do not have the ability to effectively advocate their needs - The Landlord believes that they should just be grateful for what they are given. Most of us don’t even have showers or kitchens that are functional. These issues get ignored time and time again and it is time to do something about it. This is where I do this on a purely voluntary, grassroots basis, just I don’t code. Suite CRM is the closest solution to fitting our needs. I run an independent forum for them online and send out unique identification codes by printing out of my own pocket and hand delivering them. It is a one man band hence the need for automation.

The way It needs to work

  1. Tenant completes a form on our website, this gets sent to a group inbox. The group inbox creates a case - this much is complete although the case created does not pull through the variable contents of first name, surname, subject or case id. In relation to the name of the author being captured, it would be easy enough to have the first word in the senders name interpreted as their first name, the second word (to include hyphens as acceptable) as the surname. I am stuck on this to start with.

  2. Next, the system needs to create a contact from the case for there to be any chance of a portal user being set up (since the create user portal login originates from the contacts module when done manually). The system currently does not appear to be capable of doing this.

  3. Portal account needs to be automatically set up - username and password with a custom template (explaining more to the user) needs to be automatically triggered as part of the first three “portal account setup” steps. Currently, the portal Email sent does not explain that the username is their Email address for example.

  4. A copy of the completed form sent to the group inbox in the first place needs to be then sent to a defined third party (Landlord Email Address).

5. (more widely) all Emails generated need to be included within the portal (as messages) (I will now describe this as “the wider case”, all messages, except for internal messages between the user and admin and the admin and the user need to be included in any Emails generated in the first and following steps as an attachment using custom Email templates for each step to address the requirements of each body that the repair becomes escalated to.

  1. After 14 calendar days if there has been no response from the Landlord (crucially on their Email domain as opposed to the specific Email address that the issue was sent to), the system needs to send the wider case to a fourth contact (council complaints Email address) attaching all Emails except internal messages using another predefined Email template.

  2. After 14 calendar days if there has been no response from the Council (crucially on their Email domain as opposed to the specific Email address that the issue was sent to) the system needs to send the wider case to a fifth contact (the Local Government Ombudsman) using a predefined Email template attaching all Emails to except internal messages to effectively make an early complaint regarding the council not responding.

  3. The system then needs to send chase Emails using another pre-defined template to the Local Government Ombudsman at monthly intervals advising them that there has been no response and continually attaching the case history (i.e. all Emails, messages, except for internal messages).

  4. The system then also needs to be able to jump the 14 days (i.e. escalate to further stage immediately) in terms of dire urgent repairs. 14 days wait at each stage is not appropriate in the case of extremely urgent repairs.

Any help with how to set up the system and code would be so very much appreciated as i’ve been stuck for a week.


Sussed it out myself nearly. Once I’ve got this working I will try and provide a decent answer to my own question on here to help others. Just got a few questions outstanding (and possibility one of two others over the next few days). If you can please look at my related questions, it will help me to provide a useful update here. Will also be looking to do a much needed video for YouTube. Many thanks.