Strange user isssues

Hey guys I’m having super strange user issues that i just cant figure out and its making me want to whipe my entire setup and start over, which would be a disaster.

Friday morning I get a call that the users I setup the night before couldnt login. Then I get a call later on that other users are unable to login.

I was able to recreate the one user but the other user no matter what I did, if i used the username that they should have which is just first initial followed by last name, just was not able to logoin. Not only that thye never recieved the email to setup their account.

I looked in the database and saw the the other users who are not able to login had their account status set to terminated. There are other users who have their account set to terminated but are still able to login. I also noticed that it says the Admin accoutn was created by a regular user. Further, if i go to leads and sort by assigned it only shows leads created by two particular users who are not admins or the admin.

Whats going on here guys?