Strange problem AOReport condition not working with radio button

I am not sure if I did something wrong or is this some strange bug.
So I have made a report with a condition on the field that is actually a radio button with 3 options (active, dead, unknown)

Condition in AOR looks like this:

And for some reason it has 4 options and not 3???

When the report is generated it always lists all the records that have “Active” setting regardless of what I check on the radio button.

How come? What to do next? Version 7.8.3

Just tested with v 7.9.4 and with FF, IE, Ch but with no luck.
It still renders 4 and not 3 options for radio button with 4th as blank. And it ignores what I choose when set to equal to value other than the first one “Active”.

Ok…so my investigation is ending in something looking like a bug.

This is what it turns out to be. So I have radio button related to a dropdown list.
If I check radio button option “Dead” it has a value of “2”. Just as it should using related dropdown list options/values.

But when I track down what is requested from the server it goes down to this:
“GET /index.php?module=AOR_Reports&action=getModuleFieldType&view=EditView&aor_module=MNTIN_MNTInvoicing&aor_fieldname=invoicingstatus_c&aor_newfieldname=aor_conditions_value[1]&aor_value=[color=#ff0000]1[/color]&aor_type=Value&rel_field= HTTP/1.1” 200 597

So it is requesting Value=1.
This is why I always get results for the first option in my radio button regardless of what I actually choose.

I believe it is a bug.

Tested on versions 7.8.3 - 7.9.5

Tested with Calls module as well with custom radio button field and I have the same result. Definitely a bug.

Nice work. Can you check on GitHub if it is already reported, and report it if it isn’t?

You can use all those screenshots there, they are helpful.

Submitted few days ago.
Will also post any other updates if I manage.

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