strange logouts?


We have recently installed SuiteCRM on our server alongside MSSQL 2017 express.
the majority works fine!. we have populated the databases and we are trialing users.
we have run into a problem with whats appears to be the scheduling.
if we create a meeting/call and schedule it, it usually gets assigned to something (like a lead or contact etc)
as soon as it is assigned and you go to actions>Edit, we are getting prompted with a login box. then it pretty much kicks you out of the system until you close and reopen the browser? keeps saying that the session has expired. but it is only once you have gone to edit an activity, which has been assigned to something. it works perfectly fine if it isnt assigned.

any ideas?

How is your email set up? I’ve heard of problems when people are using email accounts (for example, for the assignment notification) that are not owned by the user, but are general system accounts. This is all changed in 7.9 and there might be some left-over configurations from previous versions?

Anyway, the first thing would be to check your logs, there should be clues there.


thanks for the response. We have email set up. Or at least it works for notifications etc
when you sat it all changed, is that to say i can set up separate email accounts for each user? whgen i tried to before i just kept getting erros. even when using a generic gmail account we have

Setting up email in SuiteCRM has many different aspects, you can have more than one system account (outbound, bounce, etc), and more than one inbound (one per user, yes).

So you need to set up each thing individually and if you run into trouble ask about a specific issue, one by one, giving any error messages you see, etc.

If you use 7.8.x you will get a smoother email experience than with the new email module in 7.9.x, for now.