Strange error! Can not login to clone CRM v7.13


I have made clone of CRM v7.13 version and using on localhost. So, now when I am trying to login to CRM. It is just stuck at login page.

I tried with admin and normal user credentials but no luck. I don’t have any error in the log files.

I just have error for sugarchimp - Unable to validate the license key

Please help!

Tried solution from here but still I am not able to login.

Anyone has solution for this one?

Disable SugarChimp and try again.

How could I disable SugarCRM from CLI or SuiteCRM directory. Since, I cannot access my admin dashboard. :upside_down_face:

What are the changes we have to make in config.php and config_override.php?

I don’t know.

You should contact the makers of that module, they understand the structure of the files, and they might even help you figure out the bug that is breaking your installation.