Strange Email Settings Niggle

I just found an odd niggle when setting up an outgoing email account under ‘Email Settings’. Sending a test only works when editing the email account info. If you try to send a test when the fields are not editable i.e. when you revisit/reload the page, the email fails. I tried this in Firefox and Midori and also had a password manager turned on and off…

A bit odd, I’m not sure why this was a problem though…

Hi there,

This is a known bug inherited from SugarCRM CE but we aim to resolve this in future releases.



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Good to know - it seems Sugar is riddled with ‘small bugs’ like this!

Not sure, if I have the same problem. I just setup SuiteCRM latest version and I am not able to send any Test Email on the Email Settings page. It just hangs when it says “Performing Task” “One Moment please” with the OK button. Is this a known bug? Is there a fix available? I am not able to send email using those settings

Are you sure you’ve got the right settings for the email server and you can connect to it successfully i.e. a firewall isn’t blocking Suite’s attempts to send email.

Its not a bug its do to with your settings or server.

hi,I have been installed suite crm 7.3 and upon email setting i am unable to receive mail ,but I am getting message says “Performing Task” “One Moment please” with the OK button. Is their any other settings to be perform either in suitecrm or any configuration settings has to be done with respect to browser ?