strange design after installing 7.6.4


i have installed suitecrm 7.6.4 on a hosted linux eviroment (PHP 5.6).
No errors occur at installation process.
After the first login the dashboard, and all other sites, look like the one on the attached screenshot.
Whats wrong with my installation?

last entries from install.log:

last entries from sugarcrm.log:

suitecrm.log has no entries.

It may possibly be a permissions issue.

Did you set the permissions correctly before running the fresh install?

There are plenty of posts on permissions in the forum so I recommend that you search them and follow instructions.

Additionally you could follow the installation guide:

In particular read:
Set the following permissions on the SuiteCRM directory(Linux):
sudo chown -R www-data:www-data .
sudo chmod -R 755 .
sudo chmod -R 775 cache custom modules themes data upload config_override.php

i’ll check that.
Did i have to set permissions for subdirectories too?


I also have this problem. All the rights on folders are correct. Not loading the style sheet because it is not the correct MIME type. not loaded, the style sheet because it is not the correct MIME type («text/html») not «text/css».

garyf also reported this problem

Changing permissions has no effect on my problem.

Maybe the problem is the one shown by Afres.

Have you checked your logs (apache and Sugar)? The console errors if any?

After resetting permissions you should go to Admin->Repair->Quick Repair and Rebuild, then, if prompted at the bottom of the resulting page, execute further repairs if needed.
You may also need to repair the javascript files (Admin->Repair->…)

Additionally check the SuiteCRM gitHub page to see if this is a known issue and whether there is a fix already

problem solved:

So it was a permissions issue as I suggested!

Yes, but you have to set permissions again after installation for cache folder.

You are right, but I told you to search the forums!

I have posted personally tens of times on the subject and in several of my posts I say that you have to do it permanently!

I have also created a scheduler that does it every minute otherwise the risk of having a corrupt system is very high (and still, even with that scheduler the risk persists)

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