Strange date/time issues in 7.11.8

Dear all,

We seem to have a very weird issue in our newly set-up Suite CRM environment.

Reproduction (both done on the same computer and different computers, using firefox and chrome):

New user login

  • Add activity
  • Date/ time of created activities seems to be okay
  • Date/ time of other users created activities seems to have an offset date of 30 days at a minimum. Some have an offset of over 2700 weeks.

Admin login

  • in the activities, the same activities have different creation dates displayed as compared to the user login

These kind of differences coudn’t possibly be due to timezone settings, being that there is in some cases a difference of 30 days.

PHP version and Apache versions are supported by this version of SuiteCRM.

Has anyone else come accross this issue?

Thank you in advance!

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Sometimes those differences of many days are explainable by confusion of days with months, for example, 2/10 can be the second of October or the tenth of February, which are a long way apart.

Try checking several different timezone settings:

  • see Admin / diagnostics / phpinfo to check your effective PHP timezone, and your php.ini path, in case you need to change it

  • the system date format in Admin / Locale

  • the relevant user profile sections in each user’s profile.

I think I remember seeing an issue on Github that also had differences between what happens when you log in as normal user, versus as an admin. I can’t find it now, but if you want to look it might have some clues…

Dear Madam/ Sir,

First of all, please excuse the late reply!

Thanks for the reply! Herewith my answers.

I checked the timezone in the diagnostic information. The default timezone is “Europe/Amsterdam” which should be correct (local and master value). The php.ini path seems to be file (/usr/local/lib/php.ini).

The Admin/ Locale settings also seem to be correct. The notation also corresponds to the locale used in Windows on the computer.

The user profiles also seem to be correct. Likewise, the notation corresponds to the locale/ notation used in Windows on the computer.

In addition we found out that strangely enough it has no consequences for planned items. It seems solely a presentation issue.

Any other ideas would be creately appreciated.

Kind regards,

Giljam Koch

In your config.php file what is the value for

default_date_format' =>

In the Users Profile settings, what is the settings for Character Set and Date Format?