Strange Behavior of Dashboard

Hi there,

after upgrading to 7.1.3 from 7.0.x I’ve a strange behavior of my dashboard (see screenshot).

  1. There are some elements on the top of the screen (directly under the menu), which look strange.
  2. Allthough the german language pack has been uninstalled, the text in the dashboard boxes is still german…

ok… now a new problem… I’ve just reseted my homepage and now the behavior is much stranger…

Now I’ve new dashlets, but I’m not able to change them
And in the top there seem to be three or for menu entries, which does not do anything…

Those are not menu entries they are headings and buttons in dashboard. The design seems to be improper in your case. Please do a Quick repair and rebuild from the Admin Panel and see if it fixes the issue.

This is what the actual dashboard looks like

Already did.
I did an RR and a reset of the homepage.

I guess it’s might be a cache problem then. If it is, you need to rebuild the cache folder. Delete the contents of the folder and the system will rebuild the cache files on its own.

Another thing you can try is giving full permissions to the files and folders in cache.