storing passwords in records


We have a use case where it could make sense to store a password as a part of a record in a custom module. However, I saw that there is no field type for a password to be stored.

Of course, it would be bad practice to just store it in a clear text field.

Does anyone have a similar case and a decent solution to work this out?

PS: The password is not intended to access suitecrm or so, it’s for different reasons. (The record refers to a person and an external application could use the name + password to authenticate this user against this record in suitecrm upon login into the external application)


There use to be a encrypt field in the past but it was removed for some reason.

The work around is to grab an old copy of Sugar and grab a copy of the Encrypt field and install it on your current installation.

Check this thread for more information:

Here is a link of the old Sugar packages: