Storing monthly financial data

Every month, we’d like to upload new financial data for our leads (10 different fields of information). How would you set this up?

i should mention we want to retain all previous months information to catalog it all … if we need to go back 3 months to see financials, we want that information available.

If you need to keep the historic view, a related module would be ideal, so you can see a list in a subpanel.

I would look at the existing modules first, to see if any one fits your needs sufficiently well.

You have Products, Quotes, and others. I don’t know if your “finantial info” is complex, or how complex it is. Check if those modules are good, or customize if necessary.

First you should get your data design in place, and then design the monthly Import process.

I only have about 6 fields of data (numbers) that I want to keep track of for each lead. Those numbers are different every month and I would like to be able to goto a lead and view these numbers by the month. How do you think you would set this up?

Any module with a one-to-many relationship to Leads will work.

You can have a look at existing modules (in case find use for their other existing functionality) like Products, Quotes, and add custom fields there.

You might even use simple Notes where you add your values as text, if you don’t need anything more fancy than simple retrieval and display.

An alternative is to start a new custom module called “Monthly values” and put your data there.

In any of these cases you will get a subpanel within each lead, with a list of entries.