Storing files-two ways

Hi all,
Long time geek and new to SuiteCRM user here. I’m trying to do some customization for a client. The requirement is to:
a) for users to store files for themselves, that are ‘personal’ to them and
b) create a global repository of files that all users can access. A ‘Library’

On my test system, I found that I could create a FILE module and deploy it, but I can’t figure out how to get the access permissions I need.

Looking for some direction.
Many thanks!

Bump… Anyone?

You have to look at Security Suite.

I am not familiar with the details but start searching theforum, the manual and then google. You will find instructions on how to set it up. It shouldn’t be difficult.

I wouldn’t create a special module if I were you, just use the Documents module, or Notes with attachments.

You can read up on it here:

Then use Security Suite, like amariussi said, to control accesses. You can learn about that here:

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