Stock take & Orders

Hello Guys

I have a new client that is looking to move their system to SuiteCRM

They are a large warehouse with lots of stock and orders coming in everyday

Can anyone give me a good plugin or way to get “stock” numbers into the CRM and when orders come in the number of stock decreases etc - when the number of stock reaches a certain number an email or purchase order is created to order more (workflow can do this part)

Have looked into products and quotes etc but don’t think it covers what I need 100%

Any help will be appreciated

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Taufique,

To have a stock number and have the stock decreasing dependant on the orders/number of orders would be custom functionality, but can certainly be done. You could add a stock field or even a Stock custom module to handle the stock information and then some custom coding to interact with quotes/orders. There may be some useful plugins on SugarForge, although doubtful that these will integrate with AOS out of the box.



Hello Will

I have looked into the plugins available through Sugarforge and am in testing now

Would Sales Agility be able to charge me for the custom code to be made? How would I look into this? / Quote?

Thanks again

Hi Taufique,

If you require development work and wish to enquire about it with us, please see the relevant option on the contact page.