Sticky Notes not working

Just tried installing the addon Sticky Notes from Urdhva Tech.

I have two issues:

First (minor): The button on the left only shows up in responsive theme if I hide the actions menu.

Second (major): Clicking on the button on the left does nothing. No sticky note created…

Does anyone have any experience with this? Is it no longer compatible?


hello john,
Sorry I have no experience with this…
it might be easier to ask the question directly on the editor’s website Urdhva Tech

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b.t.w. this is on SuiteCRM 7.3.2

I’ve sent Urdhva Tech a mail and invited them to this forum post… see what happens.


I have just checked with the version SuiteCRM 7.3 It seems stickyNote add-on works for both theme.
Do you have any javascript error in your browser console. I am not sure but it could be an issue of Permission for newly added files. Can you verify the permission and any javascript error. Do let us know how it goes ?

I’ve set permissions to 775 for apache user for alle files and folders.
I’ve done a quick repair.
This is running on my local machine for testing.

(see attached screenshot)
I’m getting the first .js error upon page load.
The second one shows up when I click on the sticky-field on the left.