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Steps to Generate Google API key in SuiteCRM

We can help you here by sharing the steps of how to create a new project for API generator and generate it in SuiteCRM.

  • First you need to visit: Google Cloud Platform
  • Click on Create Project
  • Write down the name of your project and click on Create.
  • Select the option “Enable APIs and get credentials like keys”.
  • The next step is to click on “Enable APIS AND SERVICES”
  • Go to the Search bar and write down “Google Map”
  • Select any option as per your choice and click on enable
  • Click on Credentials>Create credentials
  • Select the API Key option and you will get the API key successfully.
  • Now log-in to SuiteCRM and click on Admin option
  • Select Google Maps Settings
  • Share the generated API key in “Google API key”
  • Click on Save