step to increase performance ???

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M Running with suitecrm 7.1.1 i have did some customization and also have added some custom modules , for report purpose i have created php script and setup the cron to run that ,

My question is how we can improve performance i have follow this things

Now do i need to use APC cache for php

Because i have see the bolg with this comments

  • One option is to install APC. This provides opcode caching for PHP which will provide slight performance increases for PHP. It’s also used by SuiteCRM if it is available so should improve performance. If the performance issue is somewhere else (say database contention) then it may have little effect.
  • APC can be installed under Ubuntu with:
  • apt-get install php-apc
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So do i need to install APC i am running with linux how we can use it can some one guide me on this


If SuiteCRM uses APC, you just need to install it. Rest it’ll use it.

Hi Sid ,

Thanks for quick reply i am new to APC concept can u please tell me if i install how to check whether suite crm is useing it ??


Hello Adr,

You can use PHP APC’s apc_cache_info() to check what data is being cached by the APC. If you get info form apc_cache_info then APC is in use. You can get info on how to use it in

Additionally, I think will help you on how to use it and view its usage.

Create a phpinfo page

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

and on that page there should be an apc section. If not it is not installed properly.

Usually it is an extension you add to your php.ini
Check out this for more info

I don’t know how this skipped my mind. That’s a more simpler method. Thanks chrisharney for putting that up.

Thank You So much i have install APC i have checked the cache ,

What are the things need to keep in mind while using APC

if i install APC on server where my site is install ? so do i need to change the coding style or some thing like that

E.g if i have set up the indexes , in that case we need to fetch ( or write select query ) in the same way ???

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Hi adr,

Yes you can set up indexes the database or use database partitioning. That can increase the query performance on result fetching. For this you do not need to change Suite’s queries, they are well built (and I advice you against it unless you really know what you are doing !). Also, if you’re optimizing the db, you’ll need to keep monitoring the database performance.

For things to keep in mind while using APC, you would really need to study it’s behavior after implementing it. You can try that in your test environment with SuiteCRM with a heavily loaded db. is a nice article on SugarCRM and caching with APC.

Hope this helps !


Hi Sid,

Thank you So much for this useful info

Dose Suite CRM by default use mamcached ??? ( because i found the calss called as -> SugarCacheMemcached under include ??? )

Or do we need to install it ??

Thank you for you time i really appreciate it

That I don’t know. I guess the admins here will be able to answer it.

Hi All ,

can any admin guide me on these please ??

SuiteCRM is compatible with both APC and memcache.

I would advise you to read and learn more on APC and memcache or memcached and then you will understand why you need to have it installed on the machine as well as how to properly configure it so it doesn’t break.

There is no simple configuration that works for all and you should not expect to get one.