Step-by-step Guide to Mass Emailing

I am new and trying to wrap my head around the flow of this package. I have successfully imported my newsletter list into the contacts and can send email from users I create or from Administrator. Funny, I thought these would be the largest challenges.

I am trying to understand the basic steps for sending a newsletter out via email to my contacts. It is possible I have it right, but that my cron setup isn’t working. I don’t know how to verify that.


Is there a step-by-step guide to normal functions around somewhere? I see detailed installation guides that are very good. I see guides for quotes and things. Nothing for a mass mailing. I just need some idea of the process.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

First let me say, I don’t do mass email from SuiteCRM.

But I assume you are going to have to put a prospect list together. The send email by creating a workflow that executes against that list. Again, I don’t mass email from SuiteCRM, but I would assume that’s how you do it. I think this guide will at least send you in the right direction. I hope…

Add everyone you want to email yo a target list, then ether by campaigns module or by pressing the email all button within the target list you are able to send out a mail.

I did a youtube video on that if it helps

Campaigns in SuiteCRM