Static Field- Users who have the right to create a new record, cannot change a specific field


I want the user to not be able to change a single field (status) in the module. How can I do that?

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Hi @natalie15!

Is this for any user? I.e. you only want it to be changed via code, workflows or something else?

If so you want to go to the field in-studio and disable inline edit.
Then remove the field from the edit view.

If you need more detail, please let me know, and I’ll break it down further!

Thank you for your answer.

I want to change it by workflow or role or something else.
when I remove the field, It is no longer visible. That is, what was written by default is no longer visible visually.

for more details:
I have a status where it is registered as default.
I change these statuses through Workflow. The user should not be able to edit the status.

Thanks once again! :))

Your default so long as its set right should always be there, from what it sounds like my first idea should do the job.

Head to Studio and the module you want to edit, click views and then edit view, drag it from the screen on the right into the list on the left and hit save (make sure you’re not syncing to detail view as you want it to stay there)

Then jump back to the module you want to edit and hit fields, click on the field you want to edit and untick “Inline Edit”, hit save.

Jump to admin menu and repair, run a repair and rebuild and check out the module. You should be able to see it on the front end but not be able to edit it when pressing edit. You can still target that field then with a workflow.

Let me know if this helps!

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Thanks for your help, for explaining that in detail. It works :star_struck:

Thank you so much!

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Here you ask, in the module, it is possible to hide a separate tab for a specific user?

One of several variants:

You can use different forms for different user/role. look at this posts. It wil be work for editview too.

One of form can be by default but other can have hidden panels or fields as readonly.

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Thanks for answer. Is it not possible to do this without editing the code?

Thank you!

It can’t be configure by menu.

okay, thank you :blush: