Standard Timeline Widget Causing Error

I have SuiteCRM 8.1.0-4 on AWS on a Debian platform. It is running Linix/UNIX.

As an admin the issue does not present. Only as a regular user do I get this error whenever the Timeline Widget is present. I was able to comment out the code in Opportunities and hide the Timeline widget. This stopped the error in Opportunities, however, this same action had no effect in Contact and Account. I would like to solve the error without removing the widget, but if I need to remove the widget I need to understand where and how to do this.

Thank you for any guidance and help with this.

Log at Error:
Thu Jun 2 14:14:27 2022 [24157][2406fe55-0af8-27af-b322-62795be8d7a1][INFO] Query:SELECT * FROM fields_meta_data WHERE custom_module=‘Audit’ AND deleted = 0
Thu Jun 2 14:14:27 2022 [24157][2406fe55-0af8-27af-b322-62795be8d7a1][INFO] Query Execution Time:0.00010514259338379
Thu Jun 2 14:14:27 2022 [24157][2406fe55-0af8-27af-b322-62795be8d7a1][WARN] SugarBean constructor error: Object has not fields in dictionary. Object name was: Audit
Thu Jun 2 14:14:27 2022 [24157][2406fe55-0af8-27af-b322-62795be8d7a1][WARN] Audit::populateDefaultValues $field_defs should be an array