Standard Fields - contact - primary_address_street_2


The primary_address_street_2, and primary_address_street_3 fields of a contact are defined in


which has a note to say they are needed for ‘related fields’.

However i cant figure out how the fields are used? What relationship are they needed for?

Many thanks

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explain what you want to do,these are defined in core files there is condition set in its core files like in field/sugarfield for contact and Accounts.
if you want help ,i will guide and help you
its free of cost.

Thanks sohail,

I’m synchronising contacts between suitecrm and office365, and creating the field mapping.

I think these nondb fields can be ignored for synchronisation purposes, but wanted to get a better overview of how they are used in suite - in case it brought any issues to light.

i had worked in these field’s i have little bit idea ,Now i am buzzy in awork ,later i will explian what i have done , i hope you will get any idea about your task.