Stacked bar Chart and Grouped bar Chart Reports

do you know how to produce Stacked bar Chart or Grouped bar Chart Reports with AOR?

I’d like to create an Opportunity Report grouping by Sales Stage and Expected Closing Date (with format Y-m).
I would put in Y-axis Opportunity Amount
and in X-axis Expected Closing Date

I think i’m missing something.

This is what i’m looking for:

Grouped Chart:

Stacked Chart:

I found the answer here:

Now next question is:

how to make colors to work not considering the grouping for each single value but globally?

In other words: i’d like that the same SalesStage has the same color, no matter how many SalesStage values i have in a month

At this time i have this situation:

I found that this enhancement had already been requested:

I’m now looking for a not upgrade safe rapid solution…

Have you find your solution?

I have a solution. but it is not upgrade safe.