Stable in general?

Good day

Pardon the newbie question. Really excited about all the great features found in Suite CRM. We’re running version 7.10.3 and currently just playing around with default setting on, creating leads, contacts, opportunities etc.

I notice that at seemingly random moments the app would freeze (no error) or see random php code appear on the screen and it feels a bit sluggish.

Is it due to the big release of 7.10 which introduced a number of features and seems to be very recent? If so, would you recommend switching to an older version? May be one not running on PHP 7?

Thank you

PHP 7.0 is ok, and it’s much faster than previous versions.

I would approach your problems a matter of checking your system health: is hardware ok, are configurations correct, are your logs clear of serious errors?

It is normal for people to mess up things in their initial setups. :slight_smile:

You can start by turning off display_errors in your php.ini, this will remove errors from the screen, and leave them in the logs, which where yo should check them.

Read about logs here.

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great, thank you for the tips. May be I did mess something up on my side