has anyone managed to have SSO with ADFS working?
I get several message errors which let me think that the request is built with incorrect parameters. :frowning:

On the ADFS it complains for a XML Parsing Error The reference to entity β€œmodule” must end with the β€˜;’ delimiter. -> here I edited the code in /SuiteCRM-7.8.2/modules/Users/Authenticate.php and put & and I fixed.

On the browser I receive: Error parsing a meta elements content ; is not a valid key-value pair separator . please use , instead.
Here I do not really know which file to edit. Any hints would be appreciated.


HI Amantia,

Did you get this sorted? I’ve just started exploring SSO with ADFS and want to know what I’m up against.



These should provide some insignts on how to start with ADFS and SAML (SSO).

This next one is for Sugar 7.10 and higher, which forked off from the path Suite is on, however it’s probably 95% applicable information to SSO with ADFS.