SSL Certificate Installation

How do you configure the SSL certificate? I took over maintenance on an existing Suite CRM installation and it already has an SSL, but it getting ready to expire and I need to install a new certificate. I am using a WAMP stack.

I can see that the current certificate is installed C:\Bitnami\suitecrm-7.6.1-0\apache2\conf\server.crt

I was able to generate a CSR using openssl and uploaded to the certificate authority. I then downloaded the certificate. I tried renaming it to server.crt and replacing the existing crt in the folder above. Then re-starting Apache. Apache fails to start.

I then tried editing C:\Bitnami\suitecrm-7.6.1-0\apache2\conf\extra\httpd-ssl.conf and pointint it to the new certificate and the private key that I generated in openssl when creating the CSR. Restarted apache and it is still using same old certificate. Rebooted server, same.

Any help anyone can provide is greatly appreciated. I tried searching the forum and reading the documentation, but cannot find anything on how to install or configure an SSL with Suite CRM.

I’d say this is a web Server question, not a SuiteCRM-specific question.

Maybe the Bitnami forums (where I’ve always gotten excellent support) are a better place to ask for help…