Spurious email address records being generated

SuiteCRM: 7.10.1

Have just noticed a large number of spurious records that have been created in the email_addresses table. This probably does not show up anywhere within the application, but is obvious from a mysql client. I can reproduce this every time if I simply save a user record (whether or not I have changed the email address). Each time I do this, 2 records are added to the email_address table which have null or default values in all the fields except for id, date_modified and confirm_opt_in. There is no linked record in email_addr_bean_rel. I have not yet checked any of the other modules which link into email addresses to see if they do the same thing. Presumably I can just delete all the blank email addresses, but there seems to be a problem which needs looking at.

There was a bug with email_addresses in 7.10.1, it is fixed in 7.10.2.

It makes weird entries appear in the sidebar (in the “recently viewed” section).

I was not aware of any effect of this bug in the database, but I guess if you can try the upgrade and then re-checking, it would be a good start. Then tell us how it went. Thanks

I had not noticed those strange entries in the sidebar, but can see them now you mention it.

Have just upgraded to SuiteCRM 7.10.2.

Those sidebar entries have gone, but the database problem is still there, and is even more extensive than I first thought. It affects not only users, but also accounts and contacts, and presumably anything else that has a similar link to email addresses; not only do two of these blank email addresses get added when you save a record in one of these modules, but they get added when you load an index view - one blank email address for each record found, e.g. each time you run a search on Accounts which returns 50 Account records, you get 50 more of these blank email addresses added! These records are going to have to get culled constantly to stop the size of the table getting out of control!

Thank you Tom, I’m on this, I hope a fix is made soon.

Any updates on this?

I have exactly the same observations.

Also we observe an issue with manual email importing (ends up with a blank page), do you have any knowledge if this could be connected?

It’s fixed here


it will be part of 7.10.5 release.

Have upgraded to 7.10.5 and the generation of blank email addresses seems to have stopped, thankyou. However, the blank addresses are still there, i.e.

> select count(*) from email_addresses where email_address = '';

returns 51717, while

> select count(*) from email_addr_bean_rel where email_address_id in (select id from email_addresses where email_address = '');

returns 0.

I presume it is safe to simply delete those blank addresses?

I guess it’s safe yes, but as always, proceed with care and make sure you have backups before changing anything like that directly in the database.