Spreadsheet or table field where user can edit cells?


I am trying to represent a spreadsheet in a custom SuiteCRM module. It should be a table where the first row and first column are labels, but every other cell of the table is empty and ready to accept input from the user. See the attached screenshot for what I am aiming for.

I could hypothetically create a field for every single cell and just have a panel for each row, but that would be a labeling nightmare since so many fields will have the same labels. Not to mention that would result in well over 100 fields.

I have tried iusing an html field with code for an html table in it. I found this forum post:
which shows how to get html to display as rendered html and not html code, but it comes along with the ugly email template editor, and no matter what I edit in the table, the detail view after saving just shows the original unchanged table. See the second screenshot for what I was able to get.

Can any one offer any suggestions?


SuiteCRM Version 7.9.17
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

(Note: I wasn’t able to attach screenshots, will try to attach in a reply)

Hi Jordan1234

Where you able to resolve this? I’m searching for the same functionality but can’t find anything similar to that…

Best regards

HI pmlino
I’m not sure I understand your request. But it seems that the KoolSuite theme for SuiteCRM offers this functionality
try this link https://koolsuite.com/work/sheetview/


@marco_mm I’ve been trying to find a way to download or purchase Koolsuite plugin. However, the website download and purchase links don’t seem to be working. Is this still available at all? Thanks!