Spots - More Functionality

I would like to see more customization in the Spots module… like more fields and more modules to stuff in there. I for one would use “Projects” if I could. I’m guessing I can customize this myself, but I haven’t looked into how difficult that would be. Great new feature though!

This is the first iteration of Spots … we have plans to enhance but no dates as yet

Thank you for the kind words … we like it too :cheer:

Well, that’s great, but it won’t be used if people don’t understand the business value. That depends on two things that are nearly completely lacking in Suite CRM as a whole:

  • Documentation from a BUSINESS perspective, not a functional/programmer’s view
  • a REAL demo that shows it in action in BUSINESS!!! not a functional demonstration

Since no one at SUITE CRM appears to be able to do it, you should hire out to a business consultant.

recraig, is there any special reason why you believe SalesAgility should be hiring it out to a consultant? Why don’t you hire that consultant?

SalesAgility spends money to bring you SuiteCRM for free. Surely you can use some of the money you save to contribute to the project?

@recraig - You make a valid point, even if it’s not well thought through.

In any project like this, we can’t do everything without the assistance of our community. That assistance can be financial or it can be in kind (translation, bug fixing etc).

Our list of things to do is long and has always included documentation. If you care to check out the documentation effort below, you’ll see that we have started serious and sustained work on it. The documentation is both user and engineering.

@pgr makes a valid point that you should reflect on: Open source is not all about take. If you wish to see progress, you should also consider giving where you can. Time or money. We accept both :slight_smile: