Spots module not working properly (cannot create new spot)

Just upgraded to version 7.8.2, run a “Quick Repair” (jus in case) and then headed to Spots module to learn a little bit.

The thing is: I can actually “play” with it (drag tables, etc. - see attached screenshot), everything seems to be working ok, EXCEPT when I click the “Save” button; the page just won´t do anything (not even report a Javascript error).

My user is an admin, so permissions shouldn´t be a problem, right?

I also checked [suitecrm.log] for errors; nothing there either.

Any ideas on this?

Thanks !

Facing the same issue… did you manage to solve the issue?

There is no correlation between the type of SuiteCRM user and system permissions.
SuiteCRM Admin users have access to all functionality of the application (unless limited manually). So that’s about authorisation.

System permissions are an issue, mostly on Linux systems (but also on Windows).
Permissions have to do with the processes that are or are not allowed to perform certain things (on the filesystem): read, write and execute files and folders.

It is important that permissions are set correctly otherwise certain things cannot be performed and there may be unexpected behaviours.

I recommend that you read the installation manual and search the forum on how to set up permissions. It could be the source of your problem.

Once done I also recommend:
. Quick Repair and Rebuild
. Reset permissions again
. Log out
. Fully Clear browser cache
. Log in again

If it’s not permissions you should check your PHP/Apache (?, web server) logs, the SuiteCRM log as well as the browser console log.

I have found that if I use Suite P theme, I have no problems creating, saving, editing Spots.
With Suite 7 and Suite R, I cannot save or edit Spots. I can access the Spots created with Suite P, but just cannot edit it.

So my only solution now is to create and edit in Suite P, and then change the theme to our default R to use the created spots.

I’m also having this problem. I can’t save spots using SuiteR theme. I switch to SuiteP theme and it saves properly. As a work around I can switch themes, but would love if anyone know a fix.

Same problem, but what is the logic behind the themes, why does it work in one theme and not the other

Get same issue, when connecting Spots to my custom module.
I realized that the configuration not properly saves to the database. (Actually it saves)
In my case the problem was with langage files (in /module/Spots/language)
(there is no labels for my custom module in it. To save changes in Spot module, CRM store LABELS in database. So if labels empty - nothing to save)

IF YOU HAVE SAME ISSUE, check it below:

First of all check this:

  1. Open spots module and make some changes in row/cols configuraion (DO NOT SAVE IT)
  2. Open chrome developer tools “Network” tab.
  3. !!! Set “Preserve log” !!!
  4. Save spots setting
  5. In developer tools find the first line (“index.php”) and scroll down “headers” tab (go to “form data” - “config” section )
    If you have empty “cols / rows” section - the problem is in labels stored in file /module/Spots/language ()

You can try this to solve your problem:

For example, if you working with leads,

  1. open /module/Spots/Spots.php find ‘public function getKeyForLabel($type, $label)’ method and copy leads label prefix from '$labelPrefix = ‘LBL_AN_LEADS_’;
  2. Open /module/Spots/controller.php and search ‘LBL_AN_LEADS_’
  3. Copy all strings containing ‘LBL_AN_LEADS_’
  4. Open /module/Spots/language/en_us.lang.php
    search for that strings. If nothing found, just add all this labels and translations:
    ‘LBL_AN_LEADS_STATUS’ => ‘Status’
    and others…

Save file
CRM - Repair and Rebuild

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Thank you so much! I was able to solve my problem with your instructions. :grin:

@apschmiedel which version of SuiteCRM are you on, please?

The last one: 7.11.13