Spots. I can't see it

Hello, All.
It’s a wonderful function - Spots (Video).
But, how can I reach this module (where) to start working with it?

Thank you for your reply


If you hover over All, Spots is in the list. For myself, its under ‘Email’ and above ‘Campaigns’

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Check the attached image.

By the way: Spots is available from SuiteCRM version 7.7 Beta

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If you directly installed version 7.7 you will find it in ALL->Spots as metioned above.

If you upgraded from an earlier version go to Admin->Display Modules and Subpanels(Developer Tools)
and move, with Drag’n’Drop, “Spots” from “Hidden Modules” to “Displayed Modules”.
Then click “SAVE” anf refresh your browser. Spots will be available in ALL section.

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Thank you all.

we made repeated upgrades and this module is now visible. Thank you all for your help!