Splitting Quote to partial invoice

Hello everybody,

is it possible to do a split of my quote into a few partial invoices? Has anyone done this already?

I need to do this, cause my quote sum is very high and i need to create partial invoices based on the Quoute.

Thanks a lot for your Input.



Does it mean you need the same invoice number in the split invoices? In most of the cases invoice stands for a single value. People have there terms defined says 30% percent advance and rest 70% upon completion In there Quotes. Here they issue 2 invoices, 1st for 30% and 2nd for 70%.
I am sorry I dint understand your need here.

Every Invoice has its own Invoice Number.

Yes its that case, that Quote is 100%, first invoice will be 30%, second 30% third 40% for example.

I want to assign these Incoives to the Quote and hopefully do not need to create every single Invoice manually…

Actually i am trying to get some best practise ideas to handle this.

Do you understand what i am trying to do?

looking at the logic for your Invoice creation, it will only be possible to Create such method through a custom action in quotes that will divide Quotes Total amount into those Percentages and save for the Customer and relate it to Quote to display under subpanel. The main issue is that if line items are required in each Invoice then it might need more thinking on how to handle those line items.


I also need this feature… do you solve it? how do you solve?