Spell Checker Function in Email Compose?

I appreciate the great work the developers have done. However, the lack of a spell checker for the email module is a huge challenge. (BTW, using 7.8.5) It makes using the email module extremely difficult, and certainly not normal, to have to either manually inspect – closely – your email, or, cut/copy and paste the text into Word or Outlook for spell checking? Isn’t there a spell-checker that is already built that could be “inserted” into Suite’s email functionality? Since I’m just a user, I can’t code and I appreciate others efforts but this seems like it should/could be simple?

Any thoughts?

I think the usual way to solve this is to install a browser add-on spell-checker.

So for example I use Firefox and I have what they call “dictionaries” with the 3 languages I use regularly.

I use Grammarly.