Specify a custom metadata file for a custom view


I checked a few answers related to this but not sure what I’m doing wrong. I created a custom view file


require_once 'include/MVC/View/views/view.edit.php';

class strg_storageViewBulkstorageEdit extends ViewEdit

    function display() {

        echo "Aloha!";




Then registered it using:


$action_view_map['bulkstorageedit'] = 'bulkstorageedit';

The new view loads just fine when I navigate to it, but I cannot seem to be able to specify a custom metadata file.

I created the following:

strg_storage/metadata/bulkstorageeditviewdefs.php and populated it with:

$viewdefs ['strg_storage'] =
array (
  'bulkstorageedit' =>

I’m assuming it’s the ‘bulkstorageedit’ => that’s causing the problem, but I tried every possible combo under the sun, but it the view simply ignores the file and uses the “default” custom/modules/strg_storage/metadata/detailviewdefs.php instead…

Any help is greatly appreciated

Figured it out, will report tomorrow