Specific fields in Line items depending on the product

Hello !
I am looking for a way to have different fields in line items depending on the product selected, or on the product category selected.

I found topics explaining how to add fields in the line items modules so that they are displayed when creating a quotation.
But I would also need to display only those specific to the product selected, and when I generate the quotation, I want it to display only the relevant information for each product I used.

Do you know of a way to do that ?

I though of another solution, that would be to create different modules based on the line item modules, and having fields specific to one product, but that seems a bit more complicated.
And since there are products-categories and products defined in the SuiteCRM, I would like to use those.

Thanks for reading me :smiley:

ohh ohh. Defiantly not tap your feet together 3 times kind of thing here. Thinking I need such a feature as well with my products as entering all the different possible products for every possible difference seems nightmarish without some product logic…

Yup… this could be my top thing that I would like to have PoOFed into place. :male_detective:

@roxa and @burndata
You can use my decision (https://github.com/salesagility/SuiteCRM/pull/834) . It don’t use standard Products module. The decision is added any blocks of tables to one module. You can use different tables for different products.