Special characters in email username

It seems to be a pending problem: With Version 7.10.9 the problem remains: our group email account username@organization.com\support is not accepted by SuiteCRM. We may ask Microsoft to change their convention for group emails. Ahh, wait! Maybe they won’t.

Can anyone explaing why this username "username@organization.com\support" is not accepted? It is properly entered into the SQL-database. Is there a work around, such as hard-coding it into the back end? Has nobody ever resolved this IMAP integration? I would be really surprised. Please share if you managed. Thanks!

Hi rossbruch

I moved this to a new thread, I don’t think it’s the same issue as the one where you had posted.

“Group emails” are a specific concept in SuiteCRM, not the same as Microsoft’s Group emails.

So it would seem that your issue (if I understood correctly) is that SuiteCRM doesn’t play well with usernames containing slashes?

You say that this appears correctly saved in DB table, but then the test email fails to send? Does it show you a link to see “Full SMTP log”?

I’m on 7.11.6 and experiencing the same issue. Within my organisation the username to access a shared mailbox is personal-username/share-alias.

I think the forward slash is being stripped. Any advice on how I can fix (even hardcoding) would be great.

Thanks in advance!


Please confirm in the DB, and get me the full SMTP log if possible. Thanks

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Hi there, I’m actually not trying to send an email (which I can do with a separate mail relay). What I am unable to do is connect to a shared mailbox over IMAP. When the test fails it says “Login or Password Incorrect” although I know the credentials are correct.