Spanish: How to change Leads name module?


I need to add two translations for spanish language. The spanish package is almost perfect! but missing some labels…

For example, where I should create the translated file by:

  1. The personalized module names for global search results. Actually, the global search shows the module names by default. Dont’ show my personalization from Administration.

  2. Same that Point 1 for submenu of top navigation menu. Create, view and import options take the defaults module names and not from my personalization.

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for your answer horus and apologizes for my english but this isn’t it. :blush:

For any module, for ex. “accounts”, you can change his default name from Administration options, for ex. by “clients”, ok? So… when I do a global search, or when I hover the mouse by “clients” in main menu. Tha name within these don’t respect my “translation”… it’s very difficult for me explain this. Sorry, I attach a screenshot, tha same issue for global search.

I’m portuguese so i can understand any english :slight_smile:

Regarding the “Nuevo Cliente Potencial” this is the translation for the string “Create Lead”, so its a different string not a combination of the word “Create” + “Module name” so your change is not used here.
And there are a total of 6 different “Create Lead” strings and 1 “New Lead” strings (in different language files) .

So Its easy to change the module names but not that easy to change all occurrences of a single word.
Some numbers: to change all “Cliente Potencial” into “Lead” (including plurals and other forms), it would require you to change 50 different strings in many different files.
Then maintaining the translation updated would be very difficult for you!

Madre mía!! (mother of god! haha)

Thanks horus for your clear answer. But… Would be possible to start changing the string for top dropdown menu and global search result, at least? Do you know where are ubicated this strings?

Muito obrigado :wink: