Something rounded up invoice line items!


I’ve been using line items that have the amount with decimal places,such as 1.5. This has been working fine.

I recently upgraded (not sure if that is the cause), and today noticed that my line items have been rounded up to the next whole number, so 1.5 changed to 2.

Luckily i have a backup invoicing system so i do know what my clients have been invoiced. But this has really knocked my confidence in suitecrm.

I know that i should only be upgrading a dev instance, but the everything seems to work fine and that kind of error would be difficult to catch. I only caught it because i was working on the actual figures of a client account.

What could have caused the line items to round up?


HI Keith,

What version did you upgrade to and we’ll confirm this.

Have you checked out if this issue is being tracked on our GitHub issue page?✓&q=is%3Aopen%20is%3Aissue%20rounded

I upgraded to 7.7.9.

I had not seen that, thank you.

I have also developed a problem with the total and grand total (see attached image). Again this was working before.

The value £3657.50 corresponds to the total value of the quotation that this invoice was created. Basically its an invoice for part of the original quote.

What version did you upgrade from may I ask so we can compare the two versions. Are you using multiple grouped items in your invoices? Is there any invoices that are correct in the calculations since the upgrade?

I recently upgraded from 7.7.8. However, I have just searched for an suitable invoice in my other system and opened the corresponding one in suitecrm and the decimal has been rounded up again. When i check the change log it seems the value on this invoice was changed in October, so the problem has been there w hile without me noticing.

I will have to cross reference all the totals in each system to identify corrupt invoices.

The invoices have a single group.

When correcting the invoices i have also noticed that the Total and grand total of the invoice only updates to the previous value each time - so you have to save the record twice to get the correct value.

The discount, subtotal and tax lines in each group is 0, but the grand total is correct in each group?

I have this same problem. I’m using 7.6.6

i need 3 decimal places but right now even two are automatically rounding my data up! it’s causing a big headache since we work with very small numbers (printing)

Thanks for any help!